Sunday, April 05, 2009

CD Review: Peter Project - The Peter Project LP

Peter Project's self titled album is a fascinating experience. It is also an album that will have its supporters and opponents.

This recent release by the Toronto-based DJ features electronic sounds with a hip-hop influence. Peter Project himself refers to it as "electro 60s a go-go." The album has many creative mixes, as well as a broad range of samples from obscure films, television shows and children's recordings. The artist, who's also known as Peter Chapman (The Midways), has certainly created a unique fuse of music and technology.

Those who love the album will celebrate Peter Project's ability to take random sounds and turn them into tracks that blend together flawlessly. They will enjoy the movement-inducing songs, which follow in the footsteps of DJ Shadow and Kid Koala.

Those who dislike the album will point to its lack of musical originality. They will describe Peter Project as someone who simply takes the work of musicians and uses an industrial-inspired machine to create new variations. These people might even go as far as to define each track as an exhibition of sound, rather than an actual song.

In all fairness, the album does have original aspects. This comes in the form of rhymes by hip-hop artists More or Les, The World Burglar, Masia One and Zaki Ibrahim; all of whom make guest appearances on the album.

Out of all the tracks, the strongest one is called "Two Cups." It has a pleasant blend of beats and synthesized notes, as well as a hypnotic Sesame Street-esque vocal track that is repeated over and over.

An artist like Peter Project will always stir debate. However, any argument has no relation to the actual presentation. The Peter Project LP is energetic and full of ingenuity.

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