Thursday, April 16, 2009

Explosive growth in Internet Radio and Digital Media

A new study from Edison Research shows amazing levels of growth in internet radio specifically and digital media in general. These stats are for the United States, not Canada, but until someone does a similar study for Canada (which tends to be more digital friendly anyway) it is useful as an approximate yardstick.

For example:

Own a portable MP3 player age 12+: 2008 37% 2009 42%
Have listened to a podcast age 12+: 2008 18% 2009 22%
Online Radio Listeners age 12 +: 2008 13% 2009 17%
Online Radio Listeners age 25-54: 2008 15% 2009 20%

That means that (in the U.S.) the estimated internet radio audience has gone from 33 million to 42 million in one year. Once again Viva Radio 3!

You can see the full study here.

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