Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pride in the CBC: A Musical Request and Challenge

A challenge - which I'm crossposting on several net.venues today:

A friend of mine in the UK recently pointed out a song to me by a gent name of Mitch Benn, "I'm Proud of the BBC". It's been making the rounds across the anglophonic portion of the Net, and quite possibly beyond that corner for a few months now. It's even generating some spin-off merchandise of its own.

And I like listening to it.

And it got me thinking.

It's no secret I have a pro-CBC/Radio Canada bias. Have had such for a longish while now. Some of you reading this posting - wherever you're reading it - share in that bias, and rightly so.

The point: I'd like to see a fan-song extolling the historical and present virtues of the Ceeb. I don't quite know what rules to set on the thing so we don't run afoul of any laws or lawsuits. I just know I don't have the lyrical talent we need for this.


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