Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The days & nights of an indie film producer.

Hello Public Broadcasting Readers,

I starting blogging in 2008 while I was prepping for the Cannes Film Festival. I got a lot out of it but after just a few postings I got very sick. So hello again. Nearly three years later I am back. Still creating content, telling stories, and getting them made.

Here is what's on my mind today:

I realized how much of my creative thinking I do while I am walking my two dogs. Stories, scripts, ways to pitch and problem solving are all things that come to me when I'm doing other things. And when my mind is somewhat occupied with something else. I have some techniques for helping this process but best is not to force it. Trudging through the snow in my snowsuit playing with dogs is a perfect time for a story point I had been stuck on for weeks to literally comes to me. Shazam.

It's not earth shattering news, I think this is a common phenomenon. But it was neat for me to figure out again and good for me to practice.

Coming in after dog walks and jotting everything down, made me notice how much content comes in that way. The nuts and bolts of producing fill days but the storytelling creative part of me, the part that I am proud of and that allows me to do this work, rarely comes alive while I'm sitting at my desk. So I thank my dogs. I wonder if Dufferson and Tanner will be the only canines with writing credits in film?

I am still easing in to work and currently working with a playful creative partner and happy to be back on track.

Also recently very inspired by Jim Henson and his amazing brain. I always loved The Muppet Show when I was little but investigating the worlds and characters that JH created have really opened my mind. He is a story telling inspiration machine. And the Muppet Show Cast Album is great on the ipod.

I was wanting to embed The Muppet Show season one opening here, but a link will have to do because I couldn't figure it out.

BTW who are the the 6 YouTube bastards who don't like the Muppet opening?

Looking forward,
Lisa Anita Wegner


Allison Lynn said...


Re-welcome to the world of blogging! I completely appreciate your comment about your creative brain opening during a walk with your puppies. I find the same thing :)


Mighty Brave said...

I like reading your blogs Allison. And I find writing things down is a really practice to be mindful...

I'm glad I'm at it again.