Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The view from inside Ottawa

Okay, so I live in its eastern end, past the Greenbelt.

But I live here, too, and I have to admit to the same worries and then some as Justin did a short while ago. I'm an artist and writer part of the time, and I've been watching the reports and seeing some of the blog entries from friends and friendly acquaintances of mine. There are small museums at risk here, festivals at risk, as he mentioned.

I've seen the transit systems as well...also apparently targeted for the same treatment. This, in a time when public transit is considered vital to the mix of civic services. I use this service to get around whatever day-job(s) I'm holding down at any given time. To job interviews when I don't have a job and am trying to land one. To do assorted shopping errands at need. To visit friends and family around this city. To simply explore this city when I have the leisure to do so.

That the need to travel for assorted reasons and the impulse to explore the city seem to be working in tandem lately, I consider a bit of good fortune. And it looks like it may be about to get harder to do that over the next few months, barring a couple of miracles, and some careful planning thrown in.

I don't want to have fewer reasons to do that travelling to go with it.

And I also know this: I'd hate to have the only reason for my out-of-town friends to justify visiting my city be to protest the behaviour of the government of the day.

I'd rather they be able to come to celebrate it instead.

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