Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Strange Things are Afoot at the CBC

I'm not sure exactly what to make of it all (apparently most are in the same boat). In late October the CBC axed two of its most senior foreign correspondents, then rumors began to fly about possible changes coming to CBC News.
  • The "Festivus Echo Chamber Miracle in The TBC Atrium," commonly known as the "CBC Christmas Party," has been canceled, as have all corporate-sponsored parties from sea to sea to sea.

  • Cuts come to CBC News on Nov. 26.

  • Fecan's Folly II: Richard's Revenge

  • The National will be moved to 11 o'clock to make room for Stursberg's burgeoning entertainment empire.
  • The National "back half" will be gone by the end of fiscal.

  • The National "back half" will remain, but the "full-edition" doc, once 28 minutes in the proud days of The Journal, then 22 minutes for a decade, then 21 minutes to allow for weather, will now be 15 minutes max.
    The World at Six in up for a R2-style populist re-imagining.
  • Well it's November 26 and there were no cuts today but, inexplicably John Cruickshank after little more than a year on the job as the head of CBC news, is leaving. Cruickshank announced today that he is heading to the Toronto Star to take over as publisher - so is he leaving because he couldn't get what he wanted, or is he securing a spot on a lifeboat before the iceberg?

    Those of us not in the inner circle will have to wait and see - but as an insurance policy the Save CBC News group on Facebook is 548 members and growing.

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