Friday, November 14, 2008

Brainsgiving 08: Making the Funny for your Brain

On December 1 at the Gladstone Hotel Eyes on Toronto presents Brainsgiving a evening of Comedy to benefeit for St. Michael's Hostpital Foundation.

Brainsgiving is the erm...brain child of Amanda Terfloth who was diagnosed with a pituitary tumour at the age of 17 and told she would need medication (with nasty side effects) for the rest of her adult life. After seeking a second opinion Dr. Harley Smyth (a St. Michael's neurosurgeon) operated and repaired the rebellious gland. Brainsgiving is Amanda's way of giving back. The story is actually much better than this you can read it all here:

This year's Brainsgiving will feature Trevor Boris, Dave Martin, Jillian Thomas, James Salisko and Levi McDougall and the Eyes on Toronto cast. Doors are at 7:30, cost is 10 bucks and the rest of the info is at or the Facebook group at

Next I was going to post the trailer, but I can't because it appears to only be on Facebook Video so I can't embed it, so I'll use last years and if you want to see this year's go to

Beyond that, go to this on Dec. 1 - it will be amazingly fun and all for a good cause.

The 2007 Brainsgiving Trailer

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