Thursday, May 07, 2009

Paying what you can?

Just the other day I read an article that the Seattle Art Museum advertised one of its exhibits as the following:

SAM's admission is suggested, which means you pay what you can.

The author of the article tested the theory and the sales clerk collecting the money never gave him a look for putting in a dollar. Now, I'm always weary about going to pay-what-you-can shows because there's always that suggestion of a certain amount - usually $10 or $15. I mean, how is it pay-what-you-can, if it has that stipulation? I'm a student holding three jobs so pay-what-you-can shows are really what I can afford. So when I put in less than the suggested amount I always feel bad and it also doesn't help when the person selling you the ticket gives you a judgmental look. What gives?

Now back to the gallery scenario...wouldn't it be great if the ROM or the AGO toiled with the same idea that SAM did? I think it would attract more people to go to those institutions, who normally wouldn't be able to go. Although I hear there are some nights that free...

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