Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Excerpt from recently released debut novel: Choices

The following is an excerpt from my recently released debut novel, "Choices" available at fine bookstores and on my website,

The meeting took place in an out-of-the-way nondescript motel so deep in no-man’s land, the ancient woman who checked them in quickly forgot doing so.
“Are you kidding me? Why are we meeting in a dump like this?”
“A place is more than its appearance.”
“Well this place appears to be a dump.”
“You have always failed to appreciate the beauty of what I’ve created.”
“Ha ha. Let’s not forget you also created the flip side where I prosper.”
“There once was a man who threw a gold coin into the air with the intention of allowing the side it landed on determine his fate.”
“What in the…”
“Patience my son.”
Immediately a sense of peace and light filled the dim, dingy lit room.
“My fault, please continue.”
“Momentarily he was distracted and took his eyes off the descending gold coin. It bounced off his outstretched palm and rolled through a crack in the floor, lost forever.”
“So what happened?”
“I don’t know. Someone changed the channel.”
“Oh so you got jokes. And people think you don’t have a sense of humor.”
“Laughter is medicine for the soul, my son.”
“Yes it is. Where I reside we laugh often at how easy our job has become. In days gone by it was a little more difficult to get someone to denounce you; now let them miss the last digit on a lottery ticket after they prayed for a winner and bam. I have a new convert.”
“You have always underestimated the faith of my children.”
“With all due respect, I think you overestimate the faith of your children.”
“An argument for another time. I see you have been quite busy lately.”
“We all have our cross to bear. No pun intended.”
“No offense taken, my son. Now have you considered my faithful servants?”
“Ah, yes the young married couple in Philadelphia. I’ve been keeping track of them for some time, especially since the husband has stopped attending church regularly. I feel that they are ripe for the picking though you have blessed them greatly. However, as I am notorious for saying, remove your hedge of protection from them and they will surely curse you.”
“Behold all they have in is your power. Only do not touch them.”
“Including their relationship?”
“Why am I dealing with them as one?”
“Because what I have put together let no man divide.”
“Consider it done. I will prove to you that the faith you have in your people is far greater than the faith they have in you.”

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