Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Future of Publicbroadcasting.ca

Publicbroadcasting.ca has been quiet for awhile now as I have been busy with other projects, but it's going to come back soon - hopefully in a big, big way.

About 7 weeks ago (2 months as of May 20) I launched NxEW.ca because I knew there was an underserved audience out there for Canadian music. It has taken off as a community - which now includes 75+ writers from 25 Canadian cities, 10 provinces and 1 territory. The writers include journalists and journalism students, bloggers and podcasters (who have their own blogs and podcasts), photographers, videographers, promoters, managers and, of course, musicians.

It has worked so well that I'm getting ready to re-launch publicbroadcasting.ca as the site for 'everything else' - the hope is to cover Canadian arts, culture and politics again with contributors from all over Canada. So if you're a Canadian and would like to write about progressive politics, current events, film, television, art, literature, or anything else within the broad umbrella of 'arts and culture' give me a shout at beach.justin@gmail.com.

I hope to have it up and going within the next few weeks.

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