Thursday, April 28, 2011

woman knocked out [by] cold

today my cold has knocked me out. cold.

i missed seeing steph and elyse and nolan today, slept through the whole day. i hear my phone ringing and i can't find it. i'm pretty sure it's in my bed.

last night my parents and daisy brought be food and treats and company. i feel right asleep and went into a time warp which dropped me off this evening.

i know i have things to do, but i can't remember them. i feel like dufferson who is currently enjoying senility.

i moved from my bed to the couch. then i walked my dogs around the block. i am quite sure i took a shower because i smell fresh. i am drinking water with a shot of apple juice to quell the unfortunate tasted in my mouth.

i had all these things i wanted to write. clever insightful things. i forgot them. my nose is running, my throat is rough, my ears are clogged. what?

for all the people i didn't get back to: what i have to offer in terms of communication for today is this picture.

(i know one doesn't wear goggles to box).

love lisa anita "sniffles" wegner

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