Sunday, February 21, 2010

CBC: Telefilm Wants US Stars in Canadian Films

Got a bit of a shock in the last day or so.

Details here:

Personal opinion time.

I've said it elsewhere, so I may as well say it here: Michel Roy committed an act of rudeness and contempt by wanting this rules change at all, never mind saying so publicly. One of the main points of Telefilm Canada - from where this Canadian sits, at least - is to build up and promote the homegrown talent base for a domestic motion picture industry. That talent base includes the actors, and it occurs to me that we've built it up considerable in spite of past mistakes.

Now, Mr. Roy's proposing to set that talent base aside for supporting roles only?

No, thank you, sir. If we're funding made-in-Canada movies, then we want Canadian talent for lead actors.

(Mind you, I'll certainly make allowances for US actors deciding to make permanent, full-time homes here, particularly the ones who find our films more interesting to work on than anything they've done back in the States. I've heard of a few of those hanging around, and am glad of such company!)

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