Thursday, September 10, 2009

Only some things change.

Today's society is an ever changing and evolving one to say the least. Technology has improved to the level where a lazy person can have an affair without leaving the comfort of their recliner. Simply click, chat, and tell lies..about how good you look and how tall you are, and how single (although your wife doesn't know that) you are--just looking for love with the help of the kind folks that allow you to pay for your cable, house phone, and Internet on the same bill. Oh... the uses for technology.

Here we live in a time where putting a man on the moon has been replaced by now we can can buy a seat on the shuttle. And to think that just forty years ago a Black woman was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a bus. Can I get a...whoa technology! Human beings have come so far that if your co-worker whom occupy the cubicle next to you is talking too loud and disturbing your "office time net surfing," all you have to do is...send them an e-mail. Think about it...your grandparents couldn't do that. Not unless you're related to the Jetsons.

Man oh man. Who needs to worry about staying home by the phone waiting for your beloved to call? You have a phone in your purse, on your hip and even in your ear. If that's not enough and you don't want to hear his voice--send him a text message. And who said folks don't read anymore?

How about this one? People are now afforded the great opportunity to call a company and have a lifeless voice prompt them to push multiple numbers until another soul less voice says, "I'm sorry your call can not be completed at this time..." Oh... the wonders of technology. It's so good that cloning isn't a thing of science fiction, it's real, very real. Anyone looking to find themselves? Give it a few years, you might just run into yourself as you race for the space shuttle that will drop you off on Mars so you can watch the NBA's newest franchise. You haven't lived until you've seen a three foot green dude dunk a ball.

But, with all the changes in the world and the many new gadgets coming out almost daily, there's one thing that won't ever change. People still want, need and strongly desire to be loved and appreciated. So put down the remote, the interactive video game, the cell phone that does everything but your hair and go to your wife, husband, mother, father or whomever you may care for and remind them that no matter the changes in this world and the distance that they create...tell them how much you love and appreciate them.

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